Suicide attempt and suicidal ideation is prevalent and significant among the HIV positive client, despite advancement in treatment and increased longevity. This workshop with educate the person working within the social service industry (case manager, clinician, social worker, counselor, psychiatric provider, peer support, program administrators) on the psychological, social and spiritual complications of living with HIV/AIDS. There will be a brief overview of transmission and prevention to educate providers on the mechanics of the disease and help reduce misconceptions.

The majority of the workshop will introduce the attendee to research and anecdotal experience of the psychosocial and spiritual impact of living with HIV and AIDS and treatment considerations. Overall, the workshop is designed to assist the attendee in providing culturally competent care and a "safe" environment for this specialized population.

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will:

•Understand the basics of HIV - statistics, transmission, prevention.

•Understand and identify the psychological, social and spiritual impact of HIV disease.

•Understand and implement culturally competent care and service delivery.

•Acquire a list of community providers that specialize in HIV care.


Mandee Rowley, LPC, PhD

Clinical Director, Phoenix Shanti Group