Any loss that causes a significant change in our lives is a life loss. Death is the most obvious life loss. "When a person is born, we celebrate; when they marry we jubilate; but when they die we act as if nothing has happened." (Margaret Mead). The workshop will unfold the hidden sufferings of losing a love one and will also provide added insight to professionals who work with grief and loss from suicide. The workshop will be beneficial to those who have experienced a recent loss or from years ago.

I. What is a life Loss?

II. "But You're Absolutely Normal" (handout)

III. When a Bond Becomes Bondage

               A. Forgiveness

               B. Unfinished Business

IV. Recreating the Future

               A. Relationships

               B. The Legacy

               C. Rituals

V. New Opportunities


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will:

•Understand that their grief is normal and that the process in loss can lead to healing and personal growth.

•Experience "Spiritual Forgiveness" from areas of guilt, shame, bitterness, resentment, hurt, feelings of powerlessness or fear.

•Let go of the past function of the deceased in their life and turn the relationship into a present-day role.

•Use their creativity to develop a legacy for their love ones.

•Complete Homework essay questions to expand their individual participation and on-going healing process.


Rev. Dorothy Wellington

Rev. Dorothy Wellington, B.A. has been an inspirational teacher, minister and writer for the past 30 years. Her heart's desire and passion is to reach hurting people. For 15 years she had her own counseling agency called the Get It Together People Center and later the name changed to the Wellington Institute School of Life & Living. She became an Ordain Minister in 1989, and for five years was the pastor of Beulah Land Ministries. For eight years she had been employed as Director of the Strengthening Families Program with Ebony House, Inc., a behavioral health and substance abuse agency. Currently she is the Executive Pastor & Director of the Once-A-Month Church, an outreach to the poor and homeless at the Margret T. Hance Park. In June 2010, the outreach expanded to where she takes the poor and homeless to Scottsdale's HomeTown Buffet for lunch and workshop equipping them with encouragement, life skills, and up-to-date resources so they may also reach their peers on the street. Through their efforts, she believes they are helping to reduce the suffering of homelessness.

Rev. Wellington received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Grand Canyon University in 1995. Through the years she has been a column writer for several local newspapers, including the Write-Up. She is the author of three books, "Spiritual Healing Beyond Religion," "Basic Principles for Change Workbook 30-Day Plan," and "12-Month Spiritual Journal." In February 2010 she was selected as a Community Hero on News-12 and in April 2011 the State of Black Arizona awarded her as a Community Luminary. She is the mother of three children and grandmother of seven.